Finding footpaths.

It's snowing outside. Heavy. Not quite a blizzard but it only takes a minute or two of walking in it before you are a snowman. Eyes almost frozen shut. And When you can see; everything is monochrome. And it's a struggle to find the footpath from the road. I'm at work this afternoon, but this [...]

Meteors and Ghosts.

Astrophotography is something I've dabbled in before. ( Not that it's a taboo or anything.) Let's be honest: We've all dabbled in it, even if it's just trying to capture a full moon on your smart phone whilst walking home from the pub. #guilty  Despite not having the best equipment, I've sometimes managed to get [...]

An evening stroll.

'Greening Grey Britain' isn't a campaign that I think my local town really needs. It is already colourful, in both it's buildings and its characters (how cliche.)  But where Gardening is concerned, our town doesn't do to bad either. There's Some wonderful gardens in the side streets and the wynds and under the arches of [...]

A Long Overdue Plot Update.

We're nearly half way through July. How did we get half way through July? I mean all I did was blink! How? HOW? Despite probable neglect, things in the garden seem to be happening, whether I want it too or not. (I mean HOW? Last I remember we were still in the aftermath of Christmas. [...]