Then and now.

Eventually, once I get my arse in to gear, I shall write a piece detailing the progress and processes of how we got the allotment to where it is now. Eventually. That’s if anybody is interested. In fact scrap that, I shall do it regardless, even if it’s just for me – I imagine it’ll come in handy.

Anyway, for now here are two photos:

1. The very first picture I took of the plot.

2. The very latest photo I took of the plot.*

Probably not an ideal time to show the contrast when the plot is beginning to become bare again, but you’ll get to see it in it’s full glory from earlier in the summer in the blog post which I promise I will eventually get round to writing. 

* the very latest photo at a similar angle to the first photo to provide that ‘ before and after’ effect. Sorry If you feel I’ve misled, if you’d like to see very latest photo I took here it is:

Hardly riveting. 

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