All’s quiet down at the allotment.

…Just about anyway.

Of course there are still jobs that need doing, but the majority of the winter work is now complete. The rest is maintenance; sharpening tools, giving the greenhouse a proper scrub, that kind of thing. All of that can wait till the New Year now.

I’ll still be visiting the plot regularly though, making sure everything is in shipshape. And of course the birds still need feeding, even more so as we go into the colder winter months and natural sources of food decline.

Today though, I’ve had to give the allotment a miss, house bound by severe tooth ache. There’s Nothing like tooth ache to make you bloody miserable. And what’s worse I’m not allowed to have a drink due to the strong painkillers I’m on. I wouldn’t be so bothered, however, last month me and my partner decided to give up drinking for the whole of November, as part of a health kick, so I’d been really looking forward to a good drink and now that I finally can, I can’t. Typical.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I’ve managed to get some Christmas shopping done online, I’ve caught up on this weeks gardeners question time and also, as you might or might not have noticed, I’ve had a little play around with the blog.

I was never really happy with my previous title ‘ Sweet peas and Snapdragons’ I found it too wishy washy. Too lacking in imagination. The two didn’t even contrast each other. Most of all I found that it didn’t really suit me or the content of the blog. So I’ve decided to change it. After pondering for a while over a new title I finally decided on ‘The Restraint of Plants’, a play on my favourite novel ‘ The Restraint of Beasts.’ by Magnus Mills ( the title of this post is also a play on the title of his second novel, ‘ All quiet on the Orient Express.’)

The restraint of beasts is a deadpan black comedy in which we follow the nameless foremen of a Scottish fencing company as they travel around the country erecting high tensile fences in which to enclose cattle, Hence the title.

Gardening is about taming and keeping things under control (most of the time), for the majority in small back gardens or on allotment plots. Hence my new title, which I rather like. But of course there can beasts in the garden too.

Our Cat, Suki.


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