…Sow I am now.

It started in January with Sweet Peas. ‘Old Fashion Mix’ , ‘Erewhon’ and ‘ Almost Black’. A bit Like choosing a horse in the Grand National, I chose them because I liked their names. ( Second time I’ve made that Joke now, still only me laughing.)

Pinched out, they’re fattening up nicely. 

A few weeks passed by till the next sowing. That was erm. Erm. (checking my diary) Nicotiana ‘Sensation Mix’ ! And Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy.’

Nicotiana Seeds

Sown thinly in module trays filled with seed compost, then placed on a windowsill, They germinated in about 10 days.

Best photo I have of the seedlings. Might help to use a magnifying glass.
Around the same time I also planted some tomato seeds. Gardeners Delight, Moneymaker and ‘Mountain Magic Hybrid’. Opening the seed packet of the latter I was a bit shocked to find only 5 seeds. But they were in the sale at the garden centre so one musn’t complain too much. Still, they most be bloody good Tomatoes.
On the seed packets for the Tomatoes it said 21 days for germination. After 26 days I wondered for a moment if it meant 21 working days. Hmm. Nearly a month later and after realising the problem was me – (I was using a spray bottle to water the trays and the seed compost was drying out too quickly – rectified by using a gravel tray to water from below.) –  they are now starting to pop up. 

They’re coming up a bit leggy, but at least they’re coming up. Finally.

This week, after a break in sowing, it was back too it. Yesterday I put in a tray of ‘Stuttgarter’ Onion Sets, with any left overs put straight into the ground alongside the rows of Onion and Garlic planted back in Autumn. French Beans (Cobra) and Peas (Kelvedon Wonder) were also sown into module trays. 

Both of these I normally sow direct but it doesn’t hurt to experiment a bit. 

These are the first lot of seeds I’ve tried to start in the greenhouse, the rest have been started on windowsills above radiators and only after germination have they went in the greenhouse. But it’s still too cold in there. Especially with my defective automatic ventilation system ( Smashed Window Pane). Yesterday morning we were back down to freezing, which isn’t too good for the tender seedlings of Nicotiana and Rudbeckia. They needed further protection from the elements. so I decided to modify this cloche into a sort of mini greenhouse / coldframe. 

It’s protecting a mixture of things: Dahlias, Rudbeckia, Nicotiana, Strawberry plants and Pelargonium Cuttings. 

It doesn’t look much but I think it’ll do the job. 

Typically when I visited today the greenhouse thermometer was showing 20C. Freezing again tonight though.

Today I managed to get a couple of rows sown direct to ground: Beetroot Boltardy and a row of Lettuce ‘Lakeland’. Being quite far north, I’m probably getting a head of myself with direct sowings – we shall see.

Looking through my seed collection yesterday I realised I still have a lot to do. 

Luckily it’s still early days. 

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