The Last Days of April

This last week has been quite the contrast to those balmy days we experienced earlier in the month, where spring did the finest impression of summer. The ‘Halcyon days’ as I now refer to them as. These past few days however, have acted despicably; we need rain! Lots of rain! But what do we get? Days of hail and nights of frost. Not exceptionally damaging frosts though, thank heavens. Nonetheless it’s been bloody cold.

Today armed mostly with a 50mm lens, I went out into the garden, and to the allotment, to capture what is going on, and to find out what shines, when the sun doesn’t, in The Last Days of April.

For the last few weeks, the Clematis that grows up the side fence has been full of promise. A star in waiting.

Clematis Montana Rubens, early April.
Well this morning, expecting some sort of frost damage, I was pleased. It had finally delivered.




The cheap and cheerful 50mm F1.8 lens (Nifty Fifty) that I’m mainly using here is an awkward sod – it mostly refuses to focus on anything, but on the rare occasion it obeys me it’s brilliant. This is considered a cheap lens. But even the Cheap lenses are bloody expensive, so I try to get the best out of the few I own, usually resorting to the Kit lens (18-55mm) that came with my camera.




…Very pleased indeed.

There are also other Gems to be found in the garden, the Poppies are doing well.



The Tulips not so; not in terms of quantity. But at least it gives me a chance to focus on their individualistic qualities.


Bluebells are also doing their thing.


as are Hostas and Ferns.


And now to plot 12,



Where there’s no real stars at the moment. But the Alliums ( purple sensation) will soon take that crown.



And because of this, the last of the daffodils sulks amongst it’s mushy mates.


There is a bit of frost damage here – the Blossom of the apples doesn’t look overly fantastic.



But it’s okay – I wasn’t expecting any apples this year anyway.

The peas I planted out last week have been nibbled. I don’t know what by but I suspect Pea Weevil?


The Sweet peas seem to have survived the frost – but they are relatively tough anyway.


In the Greenhouse the Tomatoes are doing well.


…And not so well.


The ones that are doing well were a gift. The ones that are doing not so well were sown and grown by me. Hey-Ho.

The Sunflowers aren’t doing at all.


But the Dahlias are doing all right.


As is the Nicotiana.


…If a little nibbled here and there.

And back outside the weeds are doing whatever they want, whenever they want. Undeterred by Hoe wielding gardener.


It’s been too long since I’ve been out into the garden solely to take photographs. I shall try to make more of an effort there.

It’s also been over a month now since my last blog post – no real reason for this other than the fact that nothing really ‘came’ to me – I don’t really plan my posts, they are almost always spontaneous – off the cuff. Ideas usually come to me when they like, usually at stupid-o-clock in the night. Sometimes I’ll have a light bulb moment where the wording of a particular paragraph – or even a sentence that I’ve been struggling with will come to me whilst I’m in the shower. Notebookless, it’s needless to say that by the time I’m out, it’s completely gone. And For the last month, nothing came to me. No ideas whatsoever. Not that it’s a problem but Perhaps I do need to start planning these more – brainstorming?

I’d be interested to know if any of you Garden Bloggers also Suffer from mild bouts writers block ? Or is it Bloggers Block? Is that a thing?

Anyhow, it’s been a funny old month. Kind of. Well actually, it hasn’t. Not really. Not for this country. And there’s two full days left yet! So whatever you’re doing, I hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!


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