Dreaming of Dreaming in Autumn.

Summer isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Don’t get me wrong. When it’s good, it’s second to none. But for me, this year at least, it’s been a season of disappointment in a lot of things: not just the weather. But if you’re clever about it, It can also be a season of learning lessons from disappointment. 

It’s a season where you realise that those things which were so full of promise in Spring, are fragile. And if they’re not fragile, then they’re often temperamental. 

But most of all It’s season of waking up. 

The other seasons, to me, are all about hope. Dreaming and hoping. Seasons of lessons learnt and trying again. 

I think I’m done now, with being disappointed in this Summer. I’m done with verging on the brink of bitterness: The harvests from the allotment haven’t been the greatest this year – Okay, they haven’t been terrible, but they certainly haven’t matched up to what I dreamed was to come when I first started ground preparations way back in Autumn. Seeing that the Potatoes have Blight has probably been the most disappointing thing: I knew it was coming long before the physical signs appeared on the leaves. The weather was the warning, but there was nothing I could do about it. And now the only potatoes without the dreaded Blight, are the ones that grow out of the side of my composter.

I love summer, and I’m not wishing time away; I can wait and make the most of what’s left of it, but I crave a new air and a new light. I think this means I’m ready for Autumn: Ready, when the time comes, to wave goodbye to summer and start afresh – like leaping into a new year, shrugging off the last.

I’m looking forward to a future that is, to a point, certain: The shortening of the days and being able to watch the Sunrise at a reasonable hour – The crunching of crispy leaves underfoot, waiting to be collected for the making of leaf mould – Late harvests and late blooms  – The smell of smoke from a crackling bonfire as a well sharpened spade makes contact with an earth hardened from those first frosts; A Robin for company.

But most of all, I’m looking forward to dreaming and hoping again. 

To Autumn 🍂 

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Dreaming in Autumn.

  1. Nice post 🙂 although I’m still holding out for an Indian Summer.
    I read somewhere on the web that August is the old Celtic start of autumn. Let the dreaming commence!

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