An evening stroll.

‘Greening Grey Britain’ isn’t a campaign that I think my local town really needs. It is already colourful, in both it’s buildings and its characters (how cliche.) 

But where Gardening is concerned, our town doesn’t do to bad either. There’s Some wonderful gardens in the side streets and the wynds and under the arches of the viaduct. 

Most of the hanging baskets on the high street are looked after splendidly by the shops that they are outside of. I think I managed to get photos from each side of the Town Hall with a hanger in the foreground.

 I think it is our local pub that does us most proud. Always a fabulous display. The Landlord, as my allotment neighbour once told me, is ‘ a hell of a gardener.’ Round the back, in the beer garden, there is espalier fruit trees. ( I resisted the temptation to visit it though.)

These were all taken tonight on a walk down during the golden hour. The walk back up involved fish and chips and a setting sun: 


2 thoughts on “An evening stroll.

  1. And now you’ve given me an itch by not saying what the town is, Jack. On purpose, I guess. I like the word Wynds. In my local county town, Lewes, similar small lanes are called Twittens – which is pretty lovely too and in York they’re Snickets I think (if that is what Wynds are?).

    Our conversation on my blog came to an abrupt halt because we’d written more than ten comments in a thread which, so I’ve learnt, is the maximum! I’m with you on the history of particular gardens. I have nothing on the Priory from before my time – hardly any info and no photos except for an aerial shot taken probably ten years before I started. I guess I at least now have my own record going back nine years. Your Dad’s place sounds fascinating – good luck in your research and with the greenhouses. Such a shame.

    And watch out for – New on the Anxious Gardener: ‘A day of Mowing.’



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    1. Hi David, how strange that there is a limit. Trust me to reach it.

      This is Yarm-on-Tees ( it was sort purposeful but I’m not sure why – the photos are full of clues anyway – I did a terrible job ha!),

      I think that is what a Wynd is ( I’ve just had to google it: long narrow street, so yes that sounds a match) – up until a few years I was pronouncing it ‘Wind’ as in 💨🌪 but it’s actually ‘ Wind ‘ as in Jack in the box. Does that make sense? I like Twittens. Strangely interesting how these things alter across the country – I shall have to look out for Snickets next time I go into York.

      Regarding my Dad’s Gardens, if I can call them that – I think I’m ready to give up on the research – I like there being a bit of Mystery about it. A sort of Heligan effect. Still a shame – these are the gardens to a large country hall – the village it is in is still an ‘estate village’ – there’s still a lord and the villagers still rent off him – he downsized from the big house in the late 1970’s – Bizarre Really, I’ve only recently learnt this and thought that sort of thing ended in the 1950’s – it surely has to be one of the last remaining estate villages. And still, Despite there still being strong links to it’s history – little is known of the gardeners and the gardens – I wonder what that reflects? Sad how quickly history can be forgotten – not everything can be preserved, to my annoyance. I guess you once had the same frustrations with the Priory – hopefully, with blogs like yours, Future generations won’t have as much trouble.


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