Apple Week at Beningbrough Hall.

I’m currently on my way home from a visit to the final day of ‘Apple Week’ at the National Trust’s Beningbrough Hall. 

The second Apple Based Sunday in a row for myself, having visited the Autumn Fair at my local park last Sunday.

We’ve been looking forward to this event since late summer, having seen it advertised during our last visit to Beningbrough Hall. 

And it didn’t disappoint 🍁🍏

There was interesting talks by the gardeners:

Apples on display:

47 Varieties in fact, all grown within the walled gardens and orchard.

But this one has to be the best named:

If not the most appetising sounding.

There was also Apple tasting:

I took a liking for the taste of ‘ Court of Wick’. Just the right amount of tang. Must find one for the allotment, if they’re available. Probably aren’t.

Later there would be Apple pressing; and most importantly, Apple juice tasting.

But before that we had an hour to spare wander the gardens. To see what what was surviving Autumn. And what wasn’t.

It’d be wrong not to have made time to have a walk around the gardens; seen as though they’re my absolute favourite of the National Trust. Favourite (.)

The sunshine was glorious. Lucky we were told. Grey all week apparently until today. There was heat in it too. I could have kid myself into mid summer. If it wasn’t for all the Pumpkins and Apples.

We sampled ( and later bought ) some of the honey mead. Delicious. Was on offer too. Wish we’d got two bottles.

And then, it was time, the main event for me: Apple Pressing. A crowd gathered as word of the Apple press being wheeled out spread through the gardens.

Before pressing the apples, they cut them up, the smaller they are the easier they are to press we were told. Wouldn’t like to get my hand caught in it mind.

And then the hard work of pressing began as the gardeners started cranking:

By the end of it it was definitely a three man job. Good work fellers.

The Apple juice was delicious. Beating anything you’ll buy in the shop. So refreshing in that midsummer sun too. Oh erm, Autumn, I mean. 

All in all it was a lovely day, celebrating the best of Autumn and The hard work of summer.

A day that reminded me why Autumn is the best season of all. 

Before leaving we visited the gift shop, where upstairs there was a second hand book sale. I’m a sucker for an old book, but this one from 1950 might definitely come in handy:

And this one from 1944:

A strange Christmas Present I thought.

A big thank you to all the National Trust workers and volunteers who made today so brilliant. A special thank you to the man, a volunteer I think, who’s name I didn’t get but who made a special effort to find out the name of two plants for us and came to find us later in the day to tell us. So kind.

The plants were ‘Poke weed’ which I didn’t get a photo of but is very unusual. And ‘Beauty Berry’ which is beautiful , If also unusual ( He did tell me the Botanical names but I didn’t dare attempt trying to spell them.

Beauty Berry


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