Finding footpaths.

It’s snowing outside. Heavy. Not quite a blizzard but it only takes a minute or two of walking in it before you are a snowman. Eyes almost frozen shut. And When you can see; everything is monochrome. And it’s a struggle to find the footpath from the road.

I’m at work this afternoon, but this morning I’ve other things to do. Important things. But, How often does it snow in this county ? Last I remember ‘proper ‘ was the winter of 2010/11 when he had weeks on end of the stuff. Ever since it’s been a bit pathetic really. And plus, My memory of it is so fickle and I’m glad of that. Snow will always be fascinating. I watch it slowly get heavier from the window, always with a brew in hand; In the distance I can hear the cry of excited school children, running outside on there lunch breaks for snowman building and snowball fights. How I envy them.

No no. No sledging for me. Stuff to be done, best get on.

…Well that never happened. It’s Snowing! That’s not an excuse for procrastinating; it is EXCITING, and I want to be out in it. After all, in all likelyhood this isn’t a real snow event: it’ll be gone tomorrow I expect.

And so I might not be able to go sledging or have a snowball fight, but what I can do is go and photograph it. And so I do, firstly to the bridge that goes over the viaduct of my local town:

And then, out in the car, (which now seemed a bit bloody daft: the roads were a death trap) to the old ‘big house’ as it were, where my dad Works as head gardener, a place I’ve always wanted to photograph in The snow.

To the greenhouses first, where we keep our bees:

And then through the woods:

And finally arriving at the big house itself:

Which looks very pretty indeed. On the way home I kick my self for not going around the other side of the house where the large Christmas Tree is. I’ll have to ask my dad to get a photo of it.

Back at home, in the garden the last flowers standing look even more pretty:

My wish to be snowed in so that I do not have to go to work has not come true. Not this time.

If it’s like this where you are, stay warm but most of all, stay safe. The roads are bad.

3 thoughts on “Finding footpaths.

  1. Dangerous road conditions or no, Jack, I’m jealous. As you say it’s been a long time since we’ve had snow – certainly in Sussex – and I’m growing impatient for a snowball fight and a scary sledge hurtling down a slope.

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    1. All thawing to slush now David. The ugly hangover. Surely can’t be it though ? We’ve waited so long, and I didn’t have time to properly make the most of that stint. Not even one snow angel. Sad.

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